COVID Kills and Life Decisions

The other day I received news about a corona virus death. The yoga studio I've called home for nearly three years is closed. The Tree was the first space I ever had a studio class in. My practice had been in my house or shared with my moms fellow school teachers in a cold classroom. … Continue reading COVID Kills and Life Decisions

Musings about Brahmacharya and Economy

On some days waking up to the quiet, placidity of life in quarantine seems like a gift. Other days it makes me ache with loss and apathy. The sharp contrasts make me wonder at life before and after isolation. All over people celebrate the earth without our oppressive touch. There is less air pollution, less … Continue reading Musings about Brahmacharya and Economy

Doctors Orders: breath work during a respiratory pandemic

The other day a friend of mine asked to face time me. She was worried about contracting the respiratory virus since her roommate is working on the COVID floor without proper PPE (which I very recently learned stands for protective personal equipment). Her doctor had advised her to contact someone who knew about yoga and … Continue reading Doctors Orders: breath work during a respiratory pandemic