The Truth about Modern Yoga

  When I say I'm a yoga teacher I always imagine a wizened Indian man with unimaginable physical prowess and mental capabilities that seem magical smiling down at me like a small child. I imagine myself as that child with my mala beads on my neck similar to how I would look when I stuffed … Continue reading The Truth about Modern Yoga


Proprioception & Fluidity

  I had a friend recently tell me about a workshop run by Leslie Kaminoff, who in the yoga world is damn influential. She told me how he encourages dropping the word "feelings" in teaching. I asked "what does he say instead?" She paused and replied carefully "Notice. He just says notice a lot." As … Continue reading Proprioception & Fluidity

A Letter to Myself; this is the right choice.

It's been a year since I completed my yoga teacher training. Over a year, really. I still refer to myself as a "baby yogi". It's pretty appropriate. Teaching isn't easy. You have to piece every class together, test them out, and make adjustments - constantly. I've spent hours perfecting the "perfect flow" only to have … Continue reading A Letter to Myself; this is the right choice.