The Overwhelming sense of Sharing

I have always loved sharing my thoughts. For most of my life I've been what some would call passionate, others maybe aggressive. In conversations I would vehemently stand for my opinions, steady in my thoughts, hands rapidly enunciating each point. I was small, but I was fierce. Now, I'm beginning to feel less fierce and … Continue reading The Overwhelming sense of Sharing


30 Days of Ahimsa

I'm 22 days late, but I want to share some life experiences with you all anyways.   I've recently started a small project. I created an Instagram @yoga_explorations and I've started my own challenge on there. The real purpose for this was simple, I wanted something that held me accountable to this challenge I gave … Continue reading 30 Days of Ahimsa

Yoga with Traumatized Teenage Girls part 2

My practicum continues. Plugging away each week, bringing yoga to a couple of girls living in a residential home. They're crass, rebellious, and ruthlessly trying - but I honestly love them. That's the other reason I quit my job there two years ago. If you want to know about the first reason, I wrote about … Continue reading Yoga with Traumatized Teenage Girls part 2

Yoga with Traumatized Teenage Girls

For a moment the staff walked out of the room, which is not supposed to happen. Instantly one of the girls, we'll call her Kayla for HIPAA reasons, begins to threaten the other girl, who we'll call Candice. Both girls are slightly overweight, loud as all hell, and have the most unexpected social reactions. Candice … Continue reading Yoga with Traumatized Teenage Girls